Custom Hospitality Accessories Cutom Built and Laser Engraved With Your Logo

Flickering Light Studio is a small business working in York, so we know how important it is to make your business the best it can be to stand out from the competition. Things are always changing and developing, and it is because of this that I am pleased to offer and new service, Custom laser engraved accessories for pubs, hotels and restaurants. 

I can make one-off and short-run products like boxes, coaster and signs, designed and created by me and featuring your logo and branding, laser engraved to give the ultimate finished look. I specialise in reclaimed wood to give a rustic look to the items, but also work with new wood, stained and finished to match your businesses look and feel, as well as slate and as painted MDF. essential the options are endless, and the results unique. 

Please see below a selection of what I have to offer and get in touch via email with any of your ideas or order:

Custom Table and Storage Boxes

Custom designed to suit your specific need, either with or without handles, these boxes are great for storing condiments and cutlery when placed on a table or to hold beer mats at a bar. They would also work a place to store welcome items in a bedroom, such as stationery & pens or soaps & shampoos. Made from reclaimed wood, or for a different look, Painted MDF.


Custom Coasters

Custom designed coaters with your logo on them, great for B&Bs and hotels, either in the customer’s room, in a bar area or at the breakfast table. We offer an etched slate coaster of engraved wooden coaster, customed designed to your specifications and with your logo and branding.

Key Fobs

Made from reclaimed wood, these chunky fobs add a touch of rustic charm to room keys. Featuring your companies logos and room number, they are engraved on both sides and finished with durable varnish so they can last you for many years.


Custom Signs

We can design and create any number of signs for your business, featuring your logo and the information for your customers. Many types of materials can be used, such as reclaimed wood, stained and finished pine or oak, painted MDF or even coloured acrylic.

To order or enquire, please email or used the contact form below. 

Custom Hospitality Products Copy

I’m Alex Dyett

I am a freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer, and Flickering Light Studio is my company.  I live in York, UK, with my wife and daughter. 

Hopefully, this blog post has given you some inspiration to go out and tell your business’s story with great design and eye-catching images. Take a look at the other blog posts to get some more ideas, and if there is anything that you feel I could help you with, please feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to work on a project with you.